2022-02-19T20:16:28+00:00 Logo Logo Design and Development This is a logo for a new website, not yet launched (as of this post, 2/14/22). There's a bit left to do. The concept was to create a specific website to sell, buy, or give away (free items), based on [...]

Bernie Kosar Logo


Bernie Kosar Logo Logo Design and Development Bernie Kosar, a preeminent American football quarterback, from high school to a national championship with the University of Miami, to a 12-year NFL career including a superbowl ring, and legendary quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. We created a new [...]

VDR Logo


Vision Development & Rehabilitation Logo Logo Design and Development The official journal of COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development) is Vision Development & Rehabilitation (VDR). Here is the official logo. The publication is highly revered and a quality journal. We also provide design and publication [...]

A19 Corporate Logo


A19, LLC Logo Design and Development New startup company which will center it's attentions on body care and pain relief. Remember this company, it's got a bright future. Artist and Illustrator: Mary Averill Ready to Talk? [...]

Hygenic Corporation Logo, Pedigenix


Hygenic Corporation, Pedigenix Logo Design and Development New line of products from the makers of BioFreeze. This line of products is specifically for feet, targeted for sale through podistrists’ offices. Wanted something simple and eye-catching with subtle color differences from product to product for identity. Fun [...]

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