2023-03-04T18:32:56+00:00 Logo Logo Design and Development This is a logo for a new website, The concept was to create a specific website to sell, buy, or give away (free items), based on several factors: frustration navigating other selling sites to find home renovation materials amongst [...]

Bernie Kosar Logo


Bernie Kosar Logo Logo Design and Development Bernie Kosar, a preeminent American football quarterback, from high school to a national championship with the University of Miami, to a 12-year NFL career including a superbowl ring, and legendary quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. We created a new [...]

VDR Logo


Vision Development & Rehabilitation Logo Logo Design and Development The official journal of COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development) is Vision Development & Rehabilitation (VDR). Here is the official logo. The publication is highly revered and a quality journal. We also provide design and publication [...]

A19 Corporate Logo


A19, LLC Logo Design and Development New startup company which will center it's attentions on body care and pain relief. Remember this company, it's got a bright future. Artist and Illustrator: Mary Averill Ready to Talk? [...]

Hygenic Corporation Logo, Pedigenix


Hygenic Corporation, Pedigenix Logo Design and Development A line of products from the makers of BioFreeze. This line of products is specifically for feet, targeted for sale through podistrists’ offices. Wanted something simple and eye-catching with subtle color differences from product to product for identity. Fun [...]

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