Andrea, Alpaca


Graphite Drawing Alpaca, smiling This one was inspired by a spontaneous photo shoot at a local Alpaca farm. These particular creatures were so friendly and funny, we had a blast. So Andrea got inspired once again, and created this memory in one of her best graphite [...]

Andrea, Fuschia


Graphite Drawing Fuschia Here's a great representation of Andrea's graphite drawing skills, this time involving nature. This original photograph was beautiful enough, then Andrea got her pencil out and created this beauty. Illustrator/Artist: Andrea Tillotson Ready to [...]

Balazs, Hair Shaft


Computer Illustration Hair Shaft From our time at Matrix, Jeff Balazs created this computer illustration of a hairshaft. It's a conceptual representation of a hair follicle's reaction to the exposure of chemical agents during the hair coloring process. Vector and raster software was utilized. Illustrator: Jeff [...]

Balazs, Beetles


Computer Illustration Ground Beetle From our good friend Jeff Balazs. Avid interest in the beautiful details of nature inspired this digital illustration of a very colorful ground beetle. Aside from the additional digging equipment these guys have, this humorous insect, accurately rendered, resides with others showcasing [...]

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